I am an Australian designer, with bases in Brisbane and northern NSW. My fascination with fabric began as a child when I watched mothers and aunts turn bits of cloth into things of beauty and usefulness. I thought it was a kind of magic. I still do.  When I started travelling I would bring home bits of fabric instead of the usual tourist items.  I became interested in the variety of design and colour illustrated by cultural differences.   For example, the overt richness of Europe, the elegance of Japan and the joyfulness of France can easily be seen in their fabric designs.

About ten years ago I began playing with fabric in earnest and by a happy coincidence I began making quilts. At first I didn’t know about the vast quilting underground which exists around the world but in my search for fabric I found the fabric shops and the women who run them, often from their own homes.  They have taught me a great deal and I am forever grateful to them.

I have also had the pleasure of travelling to America to do a number of classes with the important international fibre artist, Katie Passquini-Masapust.  Do yourself a favour and look her up. She has become a great friend and time spent in her Santa Fe studio is a blessing.

For the last few years I have been working mainly on commissions for both traditional bed quilts and art pieces for walls.

With another inspirational friend I have also been making bags of all kinds, both functional back packs and satchels to decorative evening bags. And, through my association with a number of musicians, I have been making deluxe merchandise which extends their publicity options.

One of my latest projects involves documenting the useful hints I have learnt over the past ten years so that I can share the knowledge given so freely to me.


Sue Tregeagle Needham