Unusual jewellery has always attracted me so some years ago I began experimenting with ways to incorporate luscious fabrics into wearable jewellery.  It has turned into a bit of an obsession and I am constantly looking for new objects, beads, ribbons and threads to make things more interesting.  I love working with sterling silver and spend hours playing until “strings” of “beads” look just right. I  spend many more hours turning fabric into “beads” or strange objects which can be woven, sewn or threaded into the final art piece. 


A great deal of my jewellery is made specifically for clients who give me a particular brief about the person who will wear the piece. I have recently made a one of a kind necklace with bottle tops filled with crystals! If you commission a piece, the colours, personality, size and budget are taken into consideration. I never make two the same.

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