Welcome to Tregeagle Design.  For the past ten years or so, I have been playing with fabric and design, always searching for that elusive bit of fabulous cloth.  My latest ‘find’ is a beautiful kimono from Melbourne.  I had trouble making myself take it apart so that I can use the material again but I now have some fabulous strips of silk, some of which has been hand sewn with gold thread. It is up on my design wall calling to me.



Meanwhile, I have had the fun of making a back–pack for a client who is going overseas. She has chosen some gorgeous fabric covered with Australian wild flowers for the front and back of the pack and it has come up a treat. I love making these little packs and always carry one myself when I travel. Over the years my friend Trish and  I keep improving the design. Now we think we have the size right and the pockets, for your passport etc, just right. Bon voyage.



At Tregeagle Designs we like to experiment. We strive to make a bag that works better, or a piece of jewellery that uses unusual materials in a beautiful way. When making quilts we often work to a commission designing it as a piece of art, or as something beautiful for a bed to amuse and nurture you or someone you love.  Special occasions and commissions inspire us but we are always working on our own designs and aiming for beauty and function. Clients often find there is something ready made. If we haven’t got what you need, challenge us to come up with it. Unless you need more than one, no two items will ever be the same.